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"I'm James. I'm a creative kid. I am 5 years old, my favorite color is orange, and I like pizza." James P. Ross, written for a Kindergarten grade "Get to know your fellow students" activity.

I'm in 2nd grade now! Yay! I can't wait to say hi to my buddy Xavier again! As happy as I am for the new school year, last night, my dad saw something in the alley behind our house. He'll only say it was "Bad people doing bad things". He was really scared by whatever he saw, and even called the cops! That's all I know of the story. I'll be going to be-" Excerpt from James's journal, rest of page was burnt.

I'll be going to bed now. Wait, something smells funny. I should go tell mom! I wake mom up and tell her what's going on. She tells me it's nothing and that I should go to bed. But, daddy screamed from downstairs. As we rush down, he runs at us saying that the house is on fire! Then' out of nowhere, a strange man bust down the door and knocked mommy off her feet before running. Daddy told me to run while he tried to help mommy up. I ran outside, making sure to grab my Game Boy Advance as I fled. I watched from out front as the fire on the house grew larger and larger. Daddy came running for the door, yelling that mommy can't make it. Just then, something fell from above and pinned dad to the ground, face-first into a fire. He got up just in time to scream in pain as his face got all droopy and fell onto the ground in little pieces. I needed no further motivation to run.

I fled to the place my daddy used to work at, "Hearthfire Orphanage". As I ran, I saw fire trucks pull up to my house. I slept there. The next day, a fireman came to the place and told me that mommy and daddy were gone, taken by the fire. Between sobs, I could only think this: "F, Fire... it got rid of mommy and daddy. They were the best! So if fire got rid of the best, it can deal with the rest!" I found a matchbox laying in the corner of a room, and it never left my side until I was 10 years old.

I'm 35 now. I haven't heard from Xavier in a while, so I called him over Skype. He picks up, and tells me something terrifying. He was nearly killed when his house was hit by a shell during a skirmish in his home town. He said that the same war killed his family and destroyed his hometown. He was currently living in a home he bought in the middle of a forest. He now believed that Humanity was destined to destroy itself, and that he was going to do something to speed up the inevitable. He told me to head over to his place.

When I got there, he greeted me, and led me to his basement. He pulled open a panel on the wall and pressed a conspicuously fancy-looking button. A huge staircase opened up. We went down there, and there was a lab. He had computers, fancy tech, and, worst of all, test tubes. Test tubes the size of building holding giant monsters in them. I asked him what the hell was going on. He replied: "I'm creating an army of kaiju, like that Godzilla thing we would watch together when we were in 1st grade. They'll put man to an end. I'm going to upload my consciousness into the giant robot over there. I was planning to use some tech to mutate you into a kaiju so you can no longer be part of this planet's problem." I agreed to his plan.

He let me design what I would become. I made it a big, reptilian creature with an armor-plated skull. He also set up 2 big flamethrowers and the machinery attached to them in the air around the area where I would be mutated. I wouldn't know why until it was too late.

I got in position, and he fired this big laser. It hit me, and I could feel myself changing. I got big fast, growing rapidly to an almost painful extent. But the worst part came when my growing body reached the flamethrowers. I felt the worst pain of my life as the flamethrowers melded into my very flesh as it grew around them. By the time the process was done, I got to see what I had become. I was a hulking, semi-bio-mechanical horror. And I loved it! Xavier even modified the flamethrowers so that I could mentally control their firing mechanism.

For now on, I shall no longer be James P. Ross. I am Pyros, and humanity shall BURN!
The Tale of Pyros
This is the full backstory for Pyros, a character in my theoretical turn-based strategy game MNDF. You can see the initial profile made for Pyros here.…


Why the hell would I tell you?
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