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So, the new layout took me by surprise. On another subject, I had the best dream. I was a dragon in the modern world, ravaging it! I did die, but even then, it took 4 Jaeger-like mechas to do it, and 3 of them were destroyed!
Scorpion Man

Weapon: Sand Sting  Weakness: Metallic Blast

"The sands await..."

A robot designed to study scorpions and other desert life, He ultimately decided to forget civilization and spend his times in the desert.

Good Point: Patient

Bad Point: Reclusive

Like: Sand

Dislike: Rain

Volt Man

Weapon: Volt Strike  Weakness: Sand Sting

"We need 4 units containing 2.42 gigawatts, each!"

A power and research bot, as opposed to having legs, he floats about in an electromagnetic field.

Good Point: Intelligent

Bad Point: Neat Freak

Like: Complex Mathematics

Dislike: Clutter

Blaze Man

Weapon: Blaze Cannon  Weakness: Volt Strike

"Burn it all, BURN IT ALL!"

A robot of unknown purpose that was found nearly destroyed. When repaired, the damages seemed to have rendered him insane.

Good Point: Feels no pain

Bad Point: Manchild

Like: Inferno

Dislike: Peace

Glacier Man

Weapon: Glacial Shard  Weakness: Blaze Cannon


A robot designed to accompany Ice Man in polar research, he improvised a weapon after being attacked by a polar bear.

Good Point: Collected

Bad Point: Emotionless

Like: Aurora

Dislike: Cold Puns

Raptor Man

Weapon: Raptor Slash  Weakness: Glacial Shard

"I'll rip you to shreds!"

Originally a bot used for a movie, he became the guide to a recreation of the park within the film until his set programming took over.

Good Point: Relentless

Bad Point: Bloodthirsty

Like: Battle

Dislike: Ice Age

Reaper Man

Weapon: Reaper Scythe  Weakness: Raptor Slash

"No one can escape death."

A robot created to fend off grave robbers, he was retired after he started killing them.

Good Pint: Terrifying

Bad Point: Callous

Like: Death

Dislike: Grave Robbers

Shield Man

Weapon: Titan Shield  Weakness: Reaper Scythe

"I am the immovable object!"

A defensive combat robot, he is great friends with Knight and Blade Man.

Good Point: Resilient

Bad Point: Arrogant

Like: Armor

Dislike: Fragile Robot

Golem Man

Weapon: Metallic Blast  Weakness: Titan Shield

"Kneel before me!"

A mineral digging and research bot, he was reformatted to manipulate his environment to create armored exoskeletons.

Good Point: Vigilant

Bad Point: God Complex

Like: Metal

Dislike: Squishy material
A set of Robot Masters (Read Description)
I don't own Mega Man, blah blah blah. Anyhow, This is a thing that has been lingering in my head for a few years, and I just want to get it out. I came up with a "Scorpion Man" prior to knowing about Brawl in the Family, so I am not attempting to copy that.
It's storming outside and there was a flood warning earlier. I slightly fear for my life.


Why the hell would I tell you?
United States
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Personal Quote: Bronies will NEVER convince me to join what they call "the herd".

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