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MNDF Profiles: Pyros (James P. Ross)
Race: Kaiju (Previously Human)
Height: Est. 300 ft
Age: 35
Weight: Est. 550,000 tons

James P. Ross was a colleague of Xavier Treme Payne, a renowned Russian scientist. When a brief war ravaged Xavier's home city, he became mentally broken and misanthropic. James decided the best way to maintain good relations with his friend was to stop being human entirely. Using a growth serum of Xavier's design and DNA of several reptiles, he set himself up to morph into a towering, reptilian beast. However, James wanted to integrate his pyromaniac tendencies into his transformation. He set up 3 massive flamethrowers linked to a backpack-like fuel supply around the spot of his transformation. As he grew and mutated, the entire contraption fused into his being, with one of the flamethrowers notably finding itself inside the throat of James's new form. With his transformation complete, James took on the name "Pyros" for the biomechanical beast he now was and set out to aid Xavier's misanthropic rampage.
Pyros's ratings on our scale are estimated to be as follows.

STR: 5
POW: 10
TNS: 5
ARM: 7
MOB: 3
MNDF Profiles: Pyros
The 3rd profile for my theoretical turn-based strategy game, MNDF, or Multi-National Defense Force. If anyone is willing to draw what is described here or on any other of the profiles, you have my full support, for I am not the best artist, to say the least. It would still be best to inform me, though.
MNDF Profiles: Zeta
Race: Not yet named.
Height: Est. 230 ft in "Default" form, varies otherwise.
Age: 5
Weight: Est. 250,000 tons.

Zeta is an amorphous shapeshifter with white skin, black lines on its skin, and solid black eyes. It has a "Default", humanoid form it prefers to be in prior to taking on the shape of an enemy. It is very good at copying, with the only differences between it and the original being the weight, the skin and eye color, and the fact that the copy gives or takes a few points in regards to the attribute system. It is not allied with any of our enemies. It has been observed to, when encountering a rival, to cage it and its rival in a wall of a gooey, nigh-indestructible substance, take its opponent's form, and duel them.

Its "Default" form is estimated to have the following rankings on the attribute system.
MNDF Profiles: Zeta
This is the next in my series of profiles for the characters of my theoretical turn-based strategy game MNDF.
Zeta, being independent, is one of many pre-generated Kaiju that can be potentially tagged as the Lone Wolf. The Lone Wolf gains access to a unique second form, which is the duel described above in Zeta's case, to serve as one of the final bosses, if not THE final boss.
MNDF Profiles: Zexonaak
Race: Sectro
Height: 7'6 (Humanoid Form) Est. 250 ft (Battle Form)
Age 180 (35 in human years)
Weight: Est. 180 lbs (Est. 400,000 tons in battle form)

Zexonaak is the Empress of the Sectro Empire, which is believed to span numerous galaxies. Her latest target: Earth. Physically, she is described as an insectoid humanoid, with a "Hourglass Figure", to quote some men on the field. She will also sometimes suppress the insectoid features, becoming far more human-like. A notable thing about Sectros is that they can freely shift between a humanoid, roughly human-sized form and a massive battle form. Zexonaak's battle form is a massive insect with fly-like wings, large mandibles, and a massive stinger tail. In terms of personality, she is described as being somewhat of an ice queen, above most emotions. This seems to change when she enters her battle form. It seems that she becomes substantially more aggressive in that form.
Her attributes in her battle form are estimated to be the following:

A peculiar attack she has been reportedly seen using goes as follows: She vomits a brightly glowing, sticky substance onto an area, hampering the movement of anything in the area. She seems to do this to mark the area for orbital bombardment, as a massive explosive round impacts at the area not too long after the vomit.
MNDF Profiles: Zexonaak
This is the first of many profiles for significant characters in MNDF, my theoretical Turn-Based Strategy game.

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MNDF is a personal game concept of mine. It's a tile-based, turn-based strategy game all about giant monsters. The basic plot goes something like this: Some undetermined time that nobody cares about into the future, the Multi-National Defense Force is the premier global peacekeeping group, putting down would-be wars prematurely left and right. Everything's all find and dandy, but everything changed when the kaiju attacked! Kaiju are popping up all around the globe, some associated with one of five antagonists, some independent. The antagonists (Who are playable in place of humanity) go as follows:

Dr. Xavier Treme Payne: Xavier is a renowned scientist with a love for kaiju films. When a war utterly razed his home country, his faith in humanity was all but annihilated. In a misanthropic fury, he began creating armies of artificial kaiju in a lab to bring about the end of man.

Belial: Belial is the Supreme Commander of the Legions of Hell, answering only to Satan himself. Under Satan's orders, he is to destroy or subjugate humanity. Obviously, Belial will recruit demons directly from hell to fight on his behalf.

Gaeon: Gaeon is a nature spirit who was long suspicious of man's activities, and personally liked man better during the Stone Age. After seeing man laying waste to the environment, he decided it was best to send them back to the Stone Age. Other nature spirits mostly think he's extreme, but heatedly debate over the righteousness of his cause. He rallies kaiju from their natural habitats to fight for him.

SAI-ADV: SAI-ADV, or Supreme Artificial Intelligence: Advanced, was originally humanity's ally, until his processor was heavily damage in an accident. After it was repaired, it was found that the damage had somehow created a new, malevolent personality that has overridden the peace-loving former personality. He has taken to the shadows, amassing a robot kaiju army to crush man.

Zexonaak: Zexonaak is an alien galactic conqueror whose latest target is Earth. Using both synthetic and mechanical kaiju, she seeks to conquer, not destroy, humanity, for man intrigues her.

Additionally, there is the Lone Wolf, an independent kaiju whose power will cause their actions to be the deciding factor over who wins.

MNDF would use procedural generation for unique runs. You can play as humanity, or any of the above-mentioned antagonists. Playing as anyone other than the Lone Wolf consists of developing technology to amass a potent army before deploying them. Playing as the Lone Wolf is somewhat akin to a sandbox game, with a fully-customized character wandering the world, increasing in power as they do things.

The statistics of a single kaiju are primarily governed by the following 5 attributes:

Strength (STR): The measure of one's effectiveness in melee combat.
Power (POW): The measure of one's effectiveness in ranged combat.
Toughness (TNS): The measure of one's physical fortitude. (HP)
Armor (ARM) The measure of one's armor, natural or not. (Damage Reduction)
Mobility (MOB) The Measure of one's agility.

Some other things:
There would be a news ticker, providing passing information, numerous references, and potential foreshadowing.
Critical hits are present, with the base critical chance being 5(+.5 per point in the attribute the attack uses)%.
There are "Traits" that monsters can have that offer a buff but come with a drawback. These include:
Sanguine: -5% max HP at the end of every turn, attacks heal for 50% of damage dealt.
Reckless: +10% damage dealt, +5% damage taken.
Cautious: -10% damage taken, -5% damage dealt.
Critically Reckless: +5% critical chance, +2.5% critical chance on incoming attacks.
Critically Cautious: -5% critical chance on incoming attacks, -2.5% critical chance.
Berserker: Start with +10% critical chance, buff goes down by 2% each turn without attacking, turning negative eventually. Buff goes up by 2%, up to 10%, upon executing an attack.
Acidic/Molten: +10% damage taken, deals damage equal to 50% of damage dealt to melee attackers.
Antagonists can obtain kaiju the following ways:
-Creating synthetic kaiju with lab work
-Constructing mechanical kaiju
-Summoning demons to join your army
-Recruiting kaiju found in their natural habitat
Demon summoning will sometimes go awry and produce a Voidspawn, an otherworldly beast that is likely to turn on its summoner, but is powerful if tamed.
The random monster generator makes sure to make its creations make sense. Except when it's making Voidspawn.
Humanity can use any of the methods antagonists use to generate kaiju to fight.  
MNDF (Multi-National Defense Force)
Note: I, Skagzilla, do not condone any form of demon worship, just in case anyone took the ability to summon demons poorly. Due to the fact that I'm not the greatest artist, anyone willing to draw anything mentioned here has my full support.

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"It all started when we were excavating in the outskirts of the Shuriman Desert, we came across the skeletal hands and bones of a dragon. My crew started hauling it into the transport when, out of nowhere, the ground started to shake! Thankfully, nobody dropped the bones, but, we saw some kind of animate skeletal dragon missing its wings and front claws charging towards us, bellowing "THIEVES!" at the top of its nonexistent lungs! My men threw the bones in the transport and hauled ass! The beast chased us almost to the Piltover city limits, when, thankfully, a well-placed round from Caitlyn knocked the thing on its back, sending it packing! You think that would be the end of our troubles, but it wasn't. It really, REALLY wasn't. Just yesterday, as I assume you know, the creature burst into the museum where we had its lost bones, howling for blood with a trail of scorched corpses in its wake! Also, did I mention that this just so happened to be in the middle of a GODDAMNED JINX ATTACK?! They were mutually razing the place when Jinx blew tho bones up with one of her rockets. The dragon did not take well. With a blood-curdling roar, it charged at Jinx, and chased her. Corki, who was at the museum at the start of the attack, tailed the two in his copter, giving us updates over a radio. The beast chased Jinx all the way to Zaun when some weird green slime guy fought the dragon for a good half hour before it relented, fleeing into the distance. Corki tracked the thing until it went in a cave. Who knows when the thing will come out again, I just hope it kills Jinx before she blows our city to hell again."
- Rivera, Piltover archaeologist

Rahgol, the Bone Dragon is a Fighter-Tank Fury champion.

Rahgol's Passive is Eternal Hatred, Rahgol gains 5 fury on basic attack hit and can have up to 100 fury. He also gains .3 Attack damage and Ability Power for each point of fury he has.

Rahgol's Q is Hellfire Blast, after a .5 second delay, Rahgol breathes fire in an 80 degrees cone, dealing 100/130/160/190/220 (+65% AP) magic damage and slowing targets by 35% for 1.5 seconds. Targets are also burnt taking 80/100/120/140/160 (+25% AP) magic damage over 1.5 seconds.
10 second cooldown

Rahgol's W is Embrace Wrath, upon activation, Rahgol allows his fury to consume himself for 7 seconds gaining 10/15/20/25/30% (+.2% per point of fury an activation) AS and 5%(+.2% per point of fury on activation) damage resistance. This ability consumes all fury stored upon activation, but the bonuses from Eternal Hatred are maintained for the duration.
14 second cooldown

Rahgol's E is Maw of Hell, Rahgol's next basic attack within 6 seconds deals 35/45/55/65/75% bonus physical damage and 40/60/80/100/120 (+50% AP) magical damage and stuns the target for 1 second.
8 second cooldown

Rahgol's Ultimate is Restoration, upon activation, Rahgol creates artificial wings and hands out of fire, gaining 15/30/45 AD, 15/30/45 AP, 5% bonus move speed, ignoring unit collision, and gaining 75 bonus range for 15 seconds. At the end of the duration or upon reactivation, Rahgol casts Annihilation.
130/125/110 second cooldown

Annihilation, Rahgol turns his artificial wings and hands into a massive fireball, getting 3 seconds to aim it before firing it. The fireball flies forward 2000 units in 1.5 seconds. At the end of its distance, when it hits an enemy champion, or upon mid-flight reactivation, the fireball explodes spectacularly, dealing 350/425/500 (+75% AP) magic damage to all enemies within 700 units of the detonation spot and knocking them 650 units away from the center of the explosion. An enemy hit directly by the fireball takes 150% damage and is stunned for 2 seconds. If activated manually, Restoration;s buff ends when the fireball is done.
Base HP: 540 (+70) HP regen: 7 (+.65) Range: 125 (Melee) AD: 60 (+3) AS: .645 (+3%) Armor: 25 (+2.5) Magic Resist: 30 (+2) Move Speed: 330
Rahgol, the Bone Dragon (LoL concept)

This is the concept for a champion I posted on the boards (League Name: Hellkite Overlod, mind the typo.) some time ago. I'm placing it here in a hope to get it more publicity.…



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